Friday, November 6, 2015

Woman's sexy striptease for boyfriend goes viral after being shared online

A video of a woman performing a strip teaser for her oil refinery worker boyfriend has gone viral after being posted online.
Julia Milshteyn, 26, is understood to be the girlfriend of one of the men at the Antipinsky oil refinery close to the city of Tyumen in south-central Russia's Tyumen Oblast region.

The footage shows the woman performing an erotic dance in a helmet and uniform, as worn by workers at the refinery.
The dance was performed in a building that looks like an underground car park.
It was thought that the dance was performed by the woman to celebrate the oil plant's 11 years of operations - although the company has since denied any involvement in the footage.
The woman, wearing just a shirt and a skimpy pair of knickers, shows off her boobs and backside before turning her back on the camera and peeling off her shirt.

At the end of the video, the girl sent the team of Antipinsky oil refinery a message: "From Julia with love. ;)"

UK Mirror

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