Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 Nigerian Students Arrested in Malaysia Over N125.2 Million Internet Scam

Five Nigerian students in Malaysia have been arrested and detained over their alleged involvement in N125.2 million Internet scam.
The five students are said to be aged between 20 and 30, and are reportedly working towards degrees in Information Technology-related fields at a premier college in Kuala Lumpur.
According to Vanguard, two local women, aged 40 and 55, who are the owners of the accounts used to perpetrate the fraud, have also been arrested.

The report also states:
Police seized five laptops, 20 smart phones, ATM cards, SIM cards and documents believed to have been used to con their victims.
He said police launched “Operation Merpati” after receiving a report from the owner of an ice block producing factory in George Town who claimed he had been cheated by the syndicate.
The 62-year-old victim said he received an e-mail from the syndicate in March, informing him that he was among 50 recipients selected to receive RM15.9 million from the government of the United States.
“The e-mail requested the victim to follow certain procedures to ensure he did not miss the opportunity.
Convinced by the contents of the e-mail, the victim carried out 51 transactions involving money, to accounts numbers given by the syndicate before realising it was a scam. He later lodged a police report,” he said.
Azmi said initial investigations revealed that the syndicate had conned several victims to the tune of RM2.4 million.
Police have also found transactions involving up to RM1 million that were banked in a neighbouring country.

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