Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lagos Woman Reportedly Gives Birth after 14 Years of Pregnancy

Mercy James, a woman based in Ajegunle gave birth to a girl on Saturday 7th June 2014, according to Mercy, she “was pregnant for 14 years.”
The girl was aptly named Miracle.
14 years ago, Mercy believed she was pregnant as she started having pregnancy signs. Four months later, she went to the hospital for a test, but she was told she had fibroids and was not pregnant
She tells Vanguard Newspapers that, “Subsequently, I began to experience bleeding, at least once a day. Sometimes, my tummy would protrude in the semblance of pregnancy. I went to different hospitals, and I kept on receiving the same result that nothing was wrong with me. But deep down inside , I knew that all was not well with me.”.
A midwife later informed her that she was pregnant, Mercy says she was taken aback by the news. Mercy went to herbalists and visited churches about the condition, she was told the same news that the midwife told her. Continue...

2 years later, she went to meet the midwife concerning pains, Mercy states that the woman said “it was not fibroid but pregnancy”, and advised her to pray for God to deliver her “from the hands of the devil”
Mercy who was confused, kept asking if she was truly expecting. “I bought many concoctions that they said could cure fibroid and drank them. I even drank 12 bottles of a local cleanser but to no avail. This went on for years. Then God took pity on me and decided to wipe my tears.” she says.
14 years later, Mercy thought the “worms (of fibroid) were trying to come out of my body”, but it was a baby. After she was examined by the midwife, she told her to push.
Mercy ignored her and became unconscious for about 15 minutes, after she regained consciousness, the first thing she heard was the cry of a new baby.
The midwife confirmed the story to Vanguard. “She was pregnant for 14 years and was unable to give birth during this period. Then on Saturday around 6:30am I saw two persons carrying her to this place. When she came inside, I laid her down and asked one of my daughters to examine her, after the examination, I found out that it was a baby that was about coming out and not worms. I asked her to push and she refused. My daughter gave her a hard slap on her laps since she refused to push.
Behold a baby with placenta came out! I started shouting, calling on people to come and see for themselves that Mercy was truly pregnant, because if not, people will start to say that that Celestial woman has given Mercy a baby. Within a twinkle of an eye, the whole place was filled with people. God is wonderful.” she said.
Mercy revealed that she and the father of child separated because of the condition.

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