Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another terrorist group may emerge if poverty is not addressed - Bauchi gov

Bauchi state governor, Mohammed Abubakar, says another terror group may emerge if poverty and ignorance in the North East is not addressed. He said this during a meeting with a 12-member As­sessment Team of the Eu­ropean Union (EU), United Nations (UN) and World Bank (WB) on insurgency devastated areas in the North-East in Bauchi yesterday February 3rd.
“Rebuilding infrastruc­ture is important in re­building the areas but addressing the underlying factor of the insurgency is much more important be­cause the North-East is se­riously affected by poverty and ignorance. If poverty and igno­rance are not properly ad­dressed, they could pro­vide grounds for the rise of another crazy group if Boko Haram is taken care of. We are running a risk if poverty is not addressed.”he said

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