Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rick Ross calls off engagement to Lira Galore

Rick Ross got engaged a few weeks ago to former stripper Lira Galore and he's already calling it off? Read TMZ reports below...
Rick Ross and Lira Galore have called off their engagement, less than 2 months after making the leap. We're told they had a major blowout, although it's unclear what it was about - but it was serious enough that Lira moved her stuff out of Rozay's Georgia mansion.
Ross spontaneously popped the question back in mid-September while they were jewelry shopping in New York. They'd only been dating a few months at that point.
As for the giant 11 carat, $350k rock he gave Lira ... so far there's been no discussion on whether she'll return it. She still had it on her ring finger in a photo she posted a day ago.
The good news for Rick -- legally speaking, the ring is a gift in contemplation of marriage. Translation: Lira gotta give it back.
Though she might want to reconcile ... after talking to a lawyer. 

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