Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nigerians Grieve as 105 Soldiers go Missing after Boko Haram Battle in Borno

Premium Times exclusively reported this morning that 105 out of a 157 soldier battalion attached to the Multi-National Joint Task Force based in Baga, Borno state, went missing yesterday – on Wednesday November 18, 2015 – in Gudunbali, Borno.

According to the paper, a T-72 battle tank, 105 soldiers, two officers, (including the CO – commanding officer), eight vehicles, a truck loaded with 60,000 rounds of AA ammunition and three artillery pieces were captured by Boko Haram. Another of their sources claims the tank was recovered after heavy fighting.
The source also said the military has been unable to rid insurgents from Baga and nearby towns in Borno due to inadequate equipment.
Premium Times reached out to Colonel Sani Usman, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Army for comment via telephone and he said the military is now organizing a counter-attack –
“I want to confirm the incidence at Gudunbali … the unit attacked is within the area of responsibility of the MNJTF and troops are now organising to counter the attack.”
As a result of the attack, #BringBackOurSoldiers is now trending on Twitter, with Nigerians expressing their fear of the rising level of insecurity in the country and discontent with President Buhari.

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