Sunday, October 25, 2015

Undergraduate hacked to death two months to wedding on October 25,

A Business  administration student of  Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, identified as Kunbi reportedly received a phone call from a private security guard, identified simply as Aliu, who lives on same street with him, to come collect the  N32,000 he owed him.

Kunbi who owned a provision store and was also preparing for his wedding in December had sold his motorcycle to Aliu, in order to raise money to pay his school fees, about a month ago.

However, after Kunbi visited Aliu, no one heard from him again. Members of his family conducted a search for him through out Thursday night.

The following day, the search party found  the lifeless body of Kunbi around 9am  on  Friday behind Aliu’s compound, throwing the entire community into mourning.  A source said the victim’s five fingers was missing while marks of violence were apparent all over his body. There also a  rope tied round his neck, which suggested that he could have been strangled.

Aliu and five other suspects have since been arrested by the police in connection with the incident.

According to eyewitness reports, Aliu was allegedly seen fetching water from Kunbi’s compound early Friday morning.  The number of times he fetched water reportedly arouse the curiosity of  residents,  who asked him what he was doing with the unusual volume of water he was fetching. When they weren't satisfied with his explanation, some of the residents,forced their way into his apartment, where they allegedly discovered blood stains all over the place.

The suspect was said to have been using the water to clean up the blood stains in his apartment to avoid been identified as Kunbi's killer.
One eyewitness said:
“When we searched through Kunbi’s telephone, which he left while he rushed to answer the call of death last night (Thursday), we discovered that the last caller was Aliu. When confronted at first, Aliu denied seeing him, insisting rather that a search team be raised to look for him.
What gave him away was the blood stain that was trailed, right from where Kunbi’s body was dumped, to Aliu’s apartment.  We also saw a white cloth stained with blood, on the floor and the key of Kunbi’s shop in Aliu’s apartment.  When he discovered that the game was up, he pleaded that we should not kill him and disclosed that the plan to kill Kunbi was hatched by his friends”.
At about 1pm, on Friday, Policemen, from Alonge Oworo Division, arrived the scene with the suspects, and where taken to the crime scene. Despite the Police being there,angry residents attempted to lynch Aliu but they fired tear gas into the crowd to stop the crowd.

Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, Joe Offor, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, confirmed the incident, adding that investigation was still ongoing.


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