Monday, September 14, 2015

Two topless feminists storm Muslim conference stage during wife beating lecture

2 topless activists stormed the stage during a speech at a Muslim conference in France.
The two women ran on stage, grabbed the microphone and punched the air as the two Imams they interrupted stepped back in shock and discomfort.
Reports claim that the two Imams were addressing the issue of whether men are allowed to beat their wives or not, according to Islam’s teachings when the 2 activists disrupted the lecture.
Reports claim that both women belong to a controversial feminist group called Femen and they both had messages emblazoned on their bare bodies in a black marker.
One of the messages is believed to translate to: "Nobody makes me submit"- a reference to the Islamic idea of 'submission'.

Security guards soon threw the women off stage with more men, possibly organisers of the event, joining in to help throw them out as they struggled with security, even one of the men kicked one of the activists as she was being dragged along the ground.
 The group, Femen, are notorious for their use of nudity to protest.

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