Monday, September 21, 2015

Nigerian woman on holiday in America arrested for shoplifting

A Nigerian woman, Jennifer Akudihor who is on holiday in the US has been arrested by Kansas city police department for allegedly shop lifting clothing items and accessories worth nearly $2,000 at Oak Park Mall in Kansas last week Tuesday.

According to, Police reports states that Jennifer who was with two toddlers and an infant when she was arrested, hid 66 items in shopping bags and inside the stroller she was pushing through Macy's at Oak Park Mall.

She has been charged with felony theft and ordered to hand over her passport. Jennifer was in court last Wednesday and her bail was set at $2,500. She was apologetic during her first court appearance.

“The officer in the report said that she was very apologetic and remorseful, and that does go a long way, and he put that in the report, so I think it does help in this situation. Everybody has a story. There’s always a lot of reasons why people do this, and it’s not for us to decide. It’s up to the courts and the judge to look at her case.” said Sgt. Gary Mason of the Overland Park Police Department.

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