Friday, September 4, 2015

Kerosene likely cause of recent Air crashes - Otedola

Oil magnate and Chairman of Forte Oil Plc, Femi Otedola, has alleged that the frequent substitution of jet fuel with household kerosene (HHK) might be responsible for the recent air crashes witnessed in the country. In a letter he wrote to the Federal government, Otedola said this recent trend by some unscrupulous oil marketers is responsible for the rising cost of kerosene.

According to Otedola, because House Hold Kerosene shares some physical and chemical properties with Jet A1 fuel, fraudulent oil marketers are selling HHK as Jet A1 to unsuspecting international and local airline at the international market price which may be as high as N140/litre..

“The sale of HHK as substitute for Jet A1 fuel by some petroleum marketers to airlines is a rising trend that needs to be curbed.” Otedola in his letter said this new illicit trend has led to the influx of greedy oil marketers who are just after profit making. He said most of the marketers have no storage facilities for proper handling of petroleum products which are highly sensitive and susceptible to contamination. “The proper care and handling of ATK is paramount in maintaining safe aircraft operations. One of the requirements that operators with high safety standards try to ensure is that their fuel is free from contamination. Contaminated fuel can cause significant damage to the aircraft and engine. Damage can range from fuel system corrosion, clogging of fuel filtration components, failure of aircraft fuel system instrumentation, and even stopping the fuel supply to the engines during flight. But with proper handling procedures in place, fuel contamination capable of causing problems to the aircraft can be eliminated. Based on the foregoing, it is pertinent that the unwholesome activities of these mushroom operators be curbed in order to ensure the highest levels of safety and global best practice in the aviation industry in Nigeria,” he said.
Source: Leadership

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