Monday, September 14, 2015

Elton John wants to meet Vladimir Putin to change his stance on homosexuality

Pop star, Sir Elton John has said he wants to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin to discuss Russia's 'ridiculous' stance on gay rights after he accused the Russian president of saying 'stupid things', such as when he warned gay people travelling to the Winter Olympics to 'leave the children in peace'.
Sir Elton said Mr Putin's attitude to gay people was 'isolating and prejudiced' and 'ridiculous'.
Speaking to the BBC, he added: 'I would like to meet (Mr Putin). It's probably pie in the sky ... He may laugh behind my back when he shuts the door, and call me an absolute idiot, but at least I can think I have the conscience to say I tried.'

The singer who is married to David Furnish and has 2 sons, Zachary, four, and Elijah, two, with his husband made the remarks after speaking at a conference in neighbouring Ukraine, where he lobbied president Petro Poroshenko over gay rights.

President Putin hasn't responded to Sir Elton John's challenge.
Russia passed a law banning homosexual 'propaganda' among children in June 2013, which caused an international outcry, it has also banned same-sex marriage, and opposes support for equal rights for homosexuals.

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