Monday, September 14, 2015

3 die after taxi plunges into river in Cross River

Three people have been confirmed dead after a taxi with four passengers traveling from Obubra in Cross Rivers state to Calabar the state capital plunged into a river along  Calabar-Ikom highway last week Tuesday September 8th. Fortunately, a 21 year old female traveling with her friend survived the accident.

According to Vanguard, the accident happened when the taxi driver tried to avoid a head on collision with a vehicle that had left its lane, unfortunately, the taxi driver lost control of the vehicle, swerved and plunged into the river.

After a four-day search by local divers , the taxi with the bloated corpse of three passengers were pulled out of the river on Saturday September 12th.
"The girl was too dazed and had become deaf and so could not explain which side of the river the taxi plunged into as it was difficult to make sense of what she was saying apart from saying my boyfriend is inside. 
So divers searched for the taxi on the wrong side of the river for days. 
Apparently, when the taxi came head-on with the truck, the driver decided to swerve the car to the left side of the road since the truck had occupied the other lane. 
It was on Saturday evening, after a fruitless search on the other side, that they decided to go to the other side of the river and that was where they located the taxi under the bridge and pulled it out,” an eyewitness said.

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