Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Iggy Azalea admits getting Nose Job in Seventeen Magazine’s September 2015 Issue

Iggy Azalea is on the cover of Seventeen magazine’s September 2015 issue and inside the magazine the 25-year-old entertainer talks about something that has been making the rounds in the media, which is whether or not she got a nose job.
A few weeks ago she admitted to getting a boob job but she had other noticeably different features – including her nose – which she didn’t address.
She is doing so now in this magazine interview. Read excerpts below.

On whether she’s had a nose job: “I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame. I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I’ve spoken about the changes I’ve made, like with my breasts.”
On plastic surgery: “Your perception of yourself can change a lot over time, so I think it’s important to wait and make sure it’s the right choice. Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. It’s no easy feat to live with your flaws and accept yourself—and it’s no easy feat to change yourself. Either way you look at it, it’s a tough journey. There are things that I didn’t like about myself that I changed through surgery. There are other things I dislike but I’ve learned to accept. It’s important to remember you can’t change everything. You can never be perfect.”
On whether her looks are under more scrutiny now: “It’s hard to be a woman in 2015 with social media. There’s so much more emphasis on taking pictures of ourselves and the ‘likes’ or people commenting on them. There’s a lot more pressure to look beautiful. Some days I just want to look like s*** and feel okay with that.”
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