Monday, July 13, 2015

UAE Police Arrests 3 Nigerians Who Hacked US Bank Accounts

United Arab Emirates police authorities have arrested three Nigerians who are said to have hacked into US bank accounts.
Yahoo News reports that the trio were arrested following a tip-off from police in California about cyber-criminal activity based in the UAE.
The report further states:
They allegedly targeted individuals and institutions in the United States by hacking their emails and accounts to steal private documents and details.
When police raided their hideout in the emirate of Ajman, officers found a list of more than five million electronic bank accounts.

The mastermind of the cell is aged 24, while the other two are both 26. They had all entered the UAE as tourists.
Cybercrimes are punishable by imprisonment and fines of up to two million dirhams ($544,500) in the UAE.

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