Monday, July 13, 2015

Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas Leaves Club After 25 Years

It’s official – Iker Casillas is no longer playing for Real Madrid.
After months of speculation, the 34-year-old footballer and captain of the team, broke the news in an emotionally charged news conference on Sunday, ESPN FC reports.
Casillas has spent 25 years at the club, and has made 725 official appearances. Although he has two years left on his contract with Real Madrid, he has had three difficult seasons. As a result, he has decided to get a fresh start by moving to Porto, which is widely regarded as the second most successful Portuguese football club.

Here is an excerpt from Casillas’ farewell speech:
“First of all, thanks to everyone for coming here and for supporting me at this special time. I have come to this great stadium to say goodbye to everyone, and especially to all the Madridistas.
Since yesterday I am no longer a Real Madrid player and I will now go to FC Porto. My decision to go to FC Porto was based on two factors — the enthusiasm that their club president, coach — who I know well — and the staff have transmitted to me.
Secondly, the affection that I have received when people found out that my destination would be Portugal.
I will do all I can not to let them down and I will try to win as many titles as possible with them. Thank you, FC Porto, for trusting me.”

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