Thursday, July 9, 2015

Man 'beat wife then made her do semi-naked walk of shame because he thought she'd cheated'

A 33-year-old Wang Ni, had allegedly been beaten by her husband Zhang, 37, then forced on a walk of shame in Yushan County, china, while he followed in his car.

Members of the public spotted Wang Ni wearing just her underwear when she was walking through traffic holding up a sign that read "I want to sell my body".

The couple have two daughters but Zhang apparently works long hours and lives in another city where he runs a property development company.

According to friends of the couple, he blamed his wife for the fact that, despite 10 years of marriage, she had given him two daughters and no sons.

The domestic abuse allegedly reached a new high when he returned home for a rare visit and decided to go out drinking with his friends who spread rumours that Wang was cheating on him with another man.
A drunken Zhang charged home and after beating Wang, and accusing her of being unfaithful, stripped her and forced her onto the streets with the sign.

After police officers rescued the traumatised woman and took her back to the police station, they called Zhang in for questioning.

The result of the questioning was proof that the young woman had not been unfaithful and that her husband simply listened to malicious rumours with no foundation.

Zhang later apologised to Wang and penned a formal apology in his local newspaper. It is not clear whether his wife has accepted his apology.

UK Mirror

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