Thursday, July 30, 2015

‘Everybody thought I was the evil guy because her heart was broken’- Iyanya on Yvonne Nelson

A few weeks ago Yvonne Nelson had a very candid interview with Genevieve Magazine in which she talked about her past relationships and especially talked about her much publicized one with music star Iyanya.

In a chat with MTV Base VJ Ehiz on ‘Real Talk’, Iyanya responds to that interview and answers questions about his relationship with Yvonne Nelson – including how he felt after their public breakup.

He said:
On if they are ‘cool’: Yeah, we’re cool man, we’re cool, yeah.
On if they actually dated: Big time. Big…proper relationship. Back on forth.
On why they broke up: Now this is the problem…famous guy, famous girl. It’s hard man.
On the aftermath of their breakup: When that Yvonne Nelson thing happened, I was not happy but then I will look like superman out there. I was not happy because everybody thought i was the evil guy because her heart was broken, I looked evil.
On people talking about their relationship: What happened to the other guys that broke her heart before me?
Watch the clip below.

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