Friday, July 10, 2015

4 Children in Adamawa Reveal: “We Were Paid N2,500 to Bomb Yola Barracks”

Following a bomb blast that occurred in Yola, Adamawa state on Thursday, Federal Road Safety officials conducted an investigation, the culprits were discovered- 4 boys aged between nine and 15 years who were paid N2,500 by Boko Haram to bomb Yola Barracks.
According to Punch, the bags containing the explosives was too heavy for the boys to carry, and so they sold it to a dustbin scavenger, whom they ran into at the nearby mechanic workshop.

As the scavenger was negotiating with the four boys, he began to notice smoke coming from it and as he was about to inquire about its content, it exploded, shattering his legs and injuring two of the children. The remaining two children who were unharmed, subsequently ran away. Police arrested the the two injured children.
It was while in police custody that the children confessed.

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