Tuesday, April 28, 2015

U.S Mom Reports Teenage Son to Police After Seeing Surveillance Footage of Him Sexually Assaulting & Robbing Woman on Train

A 15-year-old teenage boy from Chicago, DeShawn Isabelle, sexually assaulted, robbed, and beat a 41-year-old woman on a train, and thought he got away with the dastardly act.
However, his mother recognized him on surveillance footage released by police. She subsequently confronted him, and he confessed. She then proceeded to turn him into police authorities, Inquisitr reports.
The report gives the terrible account of the incident:
Isabelle – who is a middle school student — boarded a Chicago train and sat behind a 41-year-old woman whose name has not been released.
From behind, he attacked the woman and slammed her to the ground face down. At some point during the brutal attack on the train, he put his hand down her pants and began sexually assaulting her.
He then sat on her head and continued to hit and kick her.
Isabelle stole $2,000 from the woman, which was later discovered that he shared the money with his friends. He also took her iPhone so that she wouldn’t contact police; once he got off the train, he threw her iPhone in a pond.
The judge presiding over his case decided to charge Isabelle as an adult. He received a charge of aggravated sexual assault and robbery, and is currently being held with a bond fixed at $1 million.

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