Tuesday, March 24, 2015

World Class Luxury Education! The Swiss Education Group presents its ‘Champagne Living School Fees Budget’

From 5 star hotel learning environments to hobnobbing with hospitality celebrities, the Swiss Education group offers world class education in luxury and hospitality management.
Since its first hotel school was established in 1982, Swiss Education Group 'SEG' has become a world-class hospitality education network. Close ties with the big names in the hospitality business ensure that the Groups curricula meet industry requirements. 

Many of these companies also endorse specialised programmes in their field of expertise, such as hotel design and personalised services, marketing, finance and human resources.
SEG member schools are 100% Swiss-owned, ensuring that students receive a first-rate Swiss education. As a worldwide ambassador for best practices in Switzerland, SEG is held in high esteem in the tourism and hospitality industry.
Graduates are prepared for the world of work thanks to an excellent understanding of the hospitality industry and extensive practical experience gained through internship placements (8 to 12 months during the first two years of their studies).
Each school is housed in an historic hotel which has been renovated to provide cutting-edge accommodation and training facilities. Set amid stunning alpine scenery, in peaceful lakeside settings or in the heart of lively city centres, all campuses offer an extraordinary Swiss experience as well as a warm welcome for international students.

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