Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Work, Live, and Earn in Dubai/Abu Dhabi

Do you need a Job? or Do you know any one in need of a Job? Do you want to work,and live in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?
If your answer above is yes, then here is your opportunity! Job offers in UAE and Salary or commission projections:
1. Driving: Salary is about N200,000/month
2. Security: Salary:is about N130,000/month
3. Maintenance: Salary is about N70,000/month
4. Cleaning:Salary is about N70,000/month
5. Hotel/Restaurant waiter: Salary is about N70,000/month
Package Inclusions in UAE:
*Accommodation for 2 years as per UAE Labour Law
*2 years resident/work permit visa
*10 years International drivers licence (For Drivers)
*Free transportation to and from work
Indicate your interest by filling your details here for updates: http://goo.gl/XSCa9h

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