Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ukranian beauty dumped by her politician husband after she posted saucy pics on instagram

32 year old Alena Politukha was dumped by her politician husband for posting saucy photos of herself on her instagram page. The pics went viral in her county, getting her many online followers but alienating her husband, Aleksandr Politukha, who is the head of a local council in Dergachevsky district in eastern Ukraine

Alena herself posted online about the end of her marriage and hit out at her ex, complaining that she and her young son have been left with nothing after he walked out on them. She later found out that he'd filed for divorce.

Someone very close to the husband claimed the man, who also runs a successful business making soap, was unhappy with Alena constantly posting half naked photos on social media. He never complained to her but always complained to friends and threatened to leave if she didn't stop.

After her husband left her, Alena went on instagram and wrote;
"I am having a difficult time in my life at the moment. I am a mother. My husband and I have a son together. We have been married for 10 years. Suddenly my husband left home without any explanation at the end of the last year. He left me and our son without any livelihood or means of supporting ourselves."

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