Saturday, March 7, 2015

50 Cent’s 2 Year Old Son, Sire Jackson Got Paid $700,000 for a Modeling Gig

50 Cent’s second child, his son Sire Jackson has gotten his very first pay check and it’s for a whopping $700,000!!
The rapper and businessman made the revelation while on ‘The Angie Martinez’ show recently. According to him he had a lot of fun with his 2-year-old son during a shoot for an audio company.
He said, “I have so much fun with him, man. Even my spirit change(s). I light up when I talk about him. He’s at that point where he repeats everything. He’s got a [modeling] deal now with Kidz Safe. It’s an audio company. They paid him a big payment too, $700,000. He’s super cute! You gotta pay for it. [The money] goes into a trust. He can’t even touch it until he turns 18. He’ll get $700,000 to be the face of the company. Already, he’s making his own money! He makes his own money! I was ready to say, ‘This is your college fund.’ But I gotta handle that part and let him have the [$700,000].”
There’s no doubt that Sire Jackson is cute – he even has his own Instagram page with over 10,000 followers.

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