Saturday, June 7, 2014

“I Like Older Ladies”! 31-Year-Old Man on Dating a 91-Year Old

Meet 31-year-old Kyle Jones, who dates numerous older ladies. Jones says he has an active sex life with these ladies, and discovered his passion for them as a teenager.
His favourite is a 91-year-old pensioner and great grandmother Marjorie McCool, who he has slept with for over for five years.
The 60 year gap clearly places no obstacle, as McCool describes their sex life as “wonderful” and loves to wear sexy outfits.

Jones who lives in Pennsylvania says “Everyone’s brain is wired differently, some guys prefer blondes, some brunettes, some like other guys, I like old ladies”.
He uses dating websites to find older women and chats with pensioners daily.
The 91-year-old pensioner who has a casual relationship with the toy boy, said “In the beginning I got jealous of his other women but he keeps coming back to me and tells me I’m the best. The physical side of our relationship is wonderful. I amaze myself, he amazes me. There’s nothing better. I wear sexy outfits to bed. I try to keep my bra on though because I don’t have much left.”
Hers sons aged 50, 52, 61, 63 and 71, are “not bothered” about the relationship.
Age range he dates: “Most of the time the average age I go for is between 60 and 80.”
How often he dates: He sees up to five women a time, takes them out on dates, and brings them home to his mum.
Attraction: He liked “neck lines and wrinkles”…”Women worry about their boobs sagging but I think the natural hang looks great. I’m really not a fan of plastic surgery.”
Criticism: “The most common criticism I hear is ‘you’re after money’ or ‘you’re after inheritance’. Or people think these women must be buying me things. But it’s not true at all – I do this because I like it and they like it too.”

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