Friday, March 28, 2014

100% Nigerian! Opens “By Naija” Store for Nigerian Fashion Brands

Style is all that matters nowadays, from the clothes you wear, to how you wear them and to what occasion you choose to wear them to. Style and fashion are intertwined and that is not any different in Nigeria. With the latest fashion trends spiking up, there is a need to continue shopping for latest pieces that will fit into the latest trend or go with your love for fashion.

Nigeria’s biggest fashion store, Jumia opens up a new sub store for proudly Nigerian fashion called the ‘By Naija’ store. At the same time you can also shop from over 20,000 fashion items online from just one fashion store This is Nigeria’s largest fashion store online and they have some of your best fashion brands locally and internationally. Continue...
Head of Fashion at Jumia Nigeria, Funmi Daniel stated, “Jumia Fashion is still growing and with this great step of creating the “By Naija” store we are recognizing local talents. Also we are welcoming as many Nigeria brands as possible to reach their target audience online at ease and get the maximum exposure for their brand. Our aim is to make Jumia the largest and fastest growing fashion store in Nigeria”.

The Nigerian fashion industry is being recognized on runways across the world and we have talented fashion designers in Nigeria that make clothing to accessories to shoes from scratch. This is not a new discovery but it is recognition for local designers. Everything the western world has to offer can be made and found in Nigeria. 
Jumia currently has over 100 Nigerian brands in their fashion store. Jumia has been working with some of the biggest fashion designers who have since seen success with selling their products online especially on Jumia.

You can now discover the latest fashion in the Jumia Fashion store and Shop 100% Nigerian Brands HERE.

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