Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Woman burns son’s face and stabs him in the head for stealing soup

A 25 year old petty trader has been arrested by police in Ibeju Lekki for allegedly burning her 6 year old son's face for going into their neighbour's home and licking their soup.

Not only did Sakirat Attah burn her son's face with hot iron after the neighbour reported her son to her, she also used a broken bottle to stab young Daniel in the head. You can see the photo above. How you can do this to your own child is beyond me.

Sakirat took her son into their one room apartment after finding out what he did, locked the door, lit a stove, put an iron spoon on it to get hot and used it to burn his face and hands as punishment. And when that wasn't enough, she broke a bottle and stabbed him in the head, leaving a deep cut. Daniel later told police he stole the soup because he was hungry.

Neighbours who heard the little boy screaming for help entered the room and rescued him from the mother. They rushed him to the hospital and called the police on the mum.

Shakirat Attah has been charged before an Igbosere Magistrate’s Court in Lagos on a one count charge of assaulting a minor occasioning bodily harm. She's currently in Kirikiri Prison, pending when she  fulfills her bail conditions. I hope they take this child away from her.

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