Sunday, January 20, 2013

International Fashion Blogger Says That Kanye West Is Gay

International fashion Blogger, BryanBoy, claims that Kanye West is in fact gay. Weird that this news arises after he and soon to be baby mama Kim Kardashian announced that they are expecting a child.
Why should we even believe BryanBoy? Well, the Daily Post stated that Bryan Boy is one of the most popular and respected fashion bloggers in the world (he was titled 4th more influential online fashion writer by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour) in addition to being gay himself.

BryanBoy took to Twitter to announce his suspiciouns of West's sexual orientation and being such a fashion influence you can only assume that BryanBoys 359,000 followers were hanging off of his every single word.
"Wait so Kanye West is gay?", @BryanBoy wrote. "He and Riccardo Tisci were former f- buddies/lovers? And Kim Kardashian is a beard? Why am I the last to know?"

A "beard" is another word for a man who is hiding his homosexuality with a woman.

He continued to mock that Kim must of experienced the "immaculate conception" or perhaps the couple tried "artificial insemination".
"... For all you know, Kim Kardashian is probably Mama Mary incarnate," Bryan Boy joked.
Bryan boy called out West for being the lover of Riccardo Tisci, the creative director of Givenchy and the creator of the cover art of Kanye and Jay Z's album "Watch The Throne".

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Anonymous said... finding it hard 2 believe dis.