Monday, July 16, 2012


Old Religion is a clothing company that is poised to revolutionalise the clothing industry, agitated at the ridiculously exhorbitant prices placed on clothing by household names, we seek to infuse quality in affordability and make customer satisfactio out obsession.
The name stems from the realisation of the fact that clothing in itself is a way of life and the trends never go out of style, they operate in a cyclic motion something that is called the 20 year cycle, what was old become en vougue and the new old over and over again. We are basically into male corporate clothing for men, from blazers, to 3 piece suits, corporate shirts, trousers and into a bit of casual, polos being our mainstay.
Old Religion is an organisation and it is structured to operate like one. The concept of ownership is somewhat archaic and redundant in the pursuit for growth.

See some of their designs below...

Contact +234 806 303 65616
twitter @Old_Religion

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