Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NEW MOVIE: CHIDERA (What God Has Written)

GET READY!! The most anticipated movie the year hits your screen 23rd August. Grab your 'ORIGINAL' copy...Don't be told!!!

‘CHIDERA’ is the story of a 19-year-old Dera who due to family pressure gets pregnant for her boyfriend and in that confused state leaves her baby in the hospital for her boyfriend to take care of.
10 years later, Dera resurfaces but is unrecognisable due to a face surgery. She meets her baby daddy, Jay and unknown to Jay he falls in love with her again.
But little Jenny is giving Dera a hard time, because she believes her mother will come back some day. Dera is turn in between revealing her real self and standing the chance of loosing her boyfriend and daughter again or keeping the truth from them and living the rest of her life in lies.
Play trailer below...

This movie was Directed by Serah Donald Onyeachor.

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